Name Change: ReInventing My Blog

As part of the process to gain some direction on this blog, I will be changing the name from La Vie en Reve to iAlexis in effort to blog under my own name. I cannot change the url because iAlexis is taken. So when I think of an unusual, fitting one I will change it. I postponed my participation in the Blogging Your Way e-class due to a busy schedule. Now just isn’t the time. I’ll be working on a new about me section and adding several pages to this blog in the coming weeks. So keep checking back.


Book Friends

Giving this Blog Direction

Okay, I will take some pics for August Break. But I feel I need to write more and figure out what direction this is going to go in or is it going to be free flow. I am taking the Blogging Your Way e-course in September by Holly at decor8. Yes, I know I am over-extended with Sept. being one month before the wedding. But I need some more direction to start this creative career right. I need to network a bit more with other bloggers and see what people are doing, develop a blogroll with established bloggers etc…In my offline world, I would like to develop a career as a lifemapper–someone who helps others one-on-one develop memoirs or chart a path to living more creatively. I charge an hourly fee and as soon as my web skills get polished I want to start a web site for this side business. If anyone of you have ideas on what direction I might explore going in after reading this blog, please do tell in your comments.

Day 7: Litchfield and Collinsville CT Curiosities

My home state has wonderful places and towns to explore. It was a beautiful day, sunny lots of natural light.

snail mail

You know what I wish for…a pen friend through the us post office. a woman or a few women around my age, 33, who I can send beautiful letters and packages to and also receive neat stuff too. We can make beautiful envelopes or decorate them and trade stamps from around the world. That’d be really neat. If anyone is interested in participating in my pen pal package club and reviving the art of letter writing, please comment with your information. We can even photograph our packages and put them on our blogs. We can work out the rules of our mail club together.

Day 5

More August Break