Awareness can mean so many things. Webster’s defines awareness as conscious/mindful. It is kind of the opposite of dreaming. Dreaming means a hope or aspiration and one stops paying attention to the present moment when one places their energies on the dream. But dreaming and awareness do go together. One dreams in the present tense when one places energies on making those dreams a reality. The baby steps one takes to achieve a dream is all part of the process of becoming aware. Writing can help us focus on what those dreams are all the while helping us become aware of who we are and what we need to achieve our dreams.


4 weddings and two funerals

How happy and how sad! Life goes to extremes and my life tends to follow them. Rob and I have two other weddings to go to besides our own. My best friend Cat committed suicide and I have her memorial service back in Chicago this month. My other friend died two weeks before Cat. Everyone is choosing 2010 to either die or get married. The weddings include: Rob’s nephew, my best friend Sarah, my dad, and Rob and me.

wish list

Rob and I are going to start a multimedia production studio and write a spec script for television as one of our first projects.  I envision myself to be a multimedia producer, writer, and photographer. I envision our relationship to be a multimedia love piece.

Wedding Bells 10/10/10

Do you believe that the magazine Real Simple did a whole special edition on weddings? I bought it last Sunday as Robert and I are planning our own wedding in October. Today, in addition to this web copy I write for a client, I have my fiancee’s nephew’s fiancee’s bridal shower. What a mouthful to write! The magazine has a pullout guide full of checklists for photography, music, wedding planning etc… It also helps you with flowers and color schemes. I think our color scheme will be peaches, oranges, reds, yellows and autumn colors. Autumn is my favorite season, especially here in New England.

Journaling Junkie

I’m 33 and I still journal. Today, it’s for art, poetry and digital photography. I love moleskines. I own three: a big one, a medium one and a baby. Though, the last journal pictured is not a moleskine. I bought the last one on sale at Borders.  I hope this blog will be about discovering new ways of seeing my life, seeking a greater awareness. Awareness means so many different things semantically. Sometimes, I use a timer when I journal for extra motivation. I learned this in Stephanie’s online journaling class, Thought Threads. I took a course at Brown University called lyricism and lucidity where we studied the relationship between text and image, photography and writing. We read Sontag’s On Photography. I may include some of my fiancee’s images here too. I bought him a digital camera for his 43rd birthday.