Love is what counts.

I guess I know how to do one thing right…Love. This is all that matters I believe. I fell in love with and he with me the most wonderful man in the world. It happened quite by accident because I thought I desearved to be single forever because of my illness. I thought I was on this professional journey. Well, then I met this man and we changed each other’s lives for the better and we keep changing them and our love grows stronger. Thursday, May 27, 2010 is the one-year anniversary of when he first proposed to me. We were in Florida staying at my grandparent’s condo when he placed a ring in their mailbox and popped the question. We’ve been on a long journey since then, not including wedding planning. I know how to love and that’s all that counts in life.


Unravelling # 1: the e-course

I am priviledged to take Susannah Conway’s Unravelling e-course. It will be a refreshing blend of new photo and writing assignments. I take this course to recharge my creative batteries, to flex my poetic muscles, to learn and develop a new way of seeing. The course is called Ways of Seeing Myself–titled appropriately because it is both an interior and exterior photo safari into viewing your own life. I already have a DSLR camera, pens, and plenty of Moleskines for the journey. It began yesterday and my first assignment is to photograph feet, my own and who I want to stand next to. The flickr group where the course gathers looks like a nice way to meet other creative souls from around the world and share visions and inspiration for creating art and writing.

More Sweet Treats for My Love

Cupcake Magic

Iced Pomagranate Tea and a Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting!

This Blog Will Not Get You Famous!!!!

I often imagine coming up with some trendy idea for a blog, having it take off, and scoring a book deal like Julie Powell, author of Julie and Julia. Others have done it. Media organizations market classes in how to do this. It’s possible. As most of you know already, I am getting married to the most wonderful man, Robert, in the universe this October 10. This man has a house which we will both live in after October 10, 2010 and build our life in. Actually, I spend most of my time there now so I unofficially live there. But it will be after my mail is forwarded and we combine our stuff. Fortunately, through years of traveling and living in large cities, I don’t have a lot of stuff. The house is cute. It has good bones. Tomorrow, when I am over there I will get a picture of it. My aunt suggested that it might be a cool blog idea to start a blog about fixing up a house for two people and the process we go through in between–complete with photographs. It might be a Julie and Julia of home decor and refurbishing. Sort of a decor8 meets Candace Olson.

I have played before with starting theme blogs. I thought about a dating and relationship blog, a bride’s survival guide blog, a memoir writing blog, a blog written about other cool bloggers and the art of blogging, etc… I’ve also played with books I want to write. Books about personal struggles I have been through, chick lit novels, teen lit novels, etc…Nothing really lands because I either get bored with the topic eventually and can’t say anything new or the book totally consumes my life and I have to give it up for my own mental health. This blog right here, the one you read now, well I can do this because it showcases writing and photography, too things I am good at and it allows me flexibility to write what’s on my mind with in reason and for public viewing. I struggle daily with how much to make public versus private. I believe in privacy. But then you have this thing called the web and web 2.0 that sort of makes that concept disappear. So, maybe a blog about a couple, us, living romantically, loving every day the sweetest kind of love possible (Never been in this kind of love before), and trying to make my fiance’s childhood home our own might make a good story. An ongoing story for blog posts and maybe if it had some universal appeal in the form of home decor tips and such it might garner enough attention to get a book deal. I love writing about my life but I like writing about it in the present tense. I have tried memoir style and it just gets messy and emotional and nothing anyone would want to read (highly skippable). But writing as it is happening might be interesting and fun. So if anything exists like this or you like this idea or you have ideas to add to this on what I should do with this concept, just comment below.

The Power of Dreams

Ain’t this awesome! It’s encouragement to keep going and writing more awesomely poetic posts. I want my photography to be poetry and my poetry to speak in images.

Cupcake Break

Carrot cake with creamcheese frosting! Yum!