The August Break!

This August I will be joining Susannah Conway and some wonderful bloggers to document my world in photography with a picture each day. I’ve explored just posting pics for the next month but it is hard for me not to write so there will be some textual posts and some mixed media posts. Maybe, even a video. That will be hard to share in such a public way and I need to be clear on what I will say. I don’t want to ramble. You too, can join the August Break by clicking on the icon on the right sidebar. Sorry, I don’t know off hand the link to the August Break instructions. Just go to the sidebar and when you get there be sure to read other wonderful bloggers. I will add a blog roll this month with my favorite blogs.


Windowshop Cafes of Life

Top 5 Lists

5 favorite foods:

peanut butter

5 favorite beverages:

grape juice and water
rootbeer float

5 favorite books:

1. poemcrazy

2. the dance

3. writing down the bones

4. wuthering heights

5. jd salinger

5 favorite places I’ve visited, (so far):

London England
2. Brooklyn NY

3. Chicago, IL

4. Boston MA

5. Sarasota, FL

5 favorite movies:

1. Slumdog Millionaire

2. Frost/Nixon

3. hiroshima mon amour

4. national treasure
5. independence day

And now it’s your turn: please tell me you favorite food, beverage, travel destination, book and/or movie.

Me Radiating Confidence

This is me radiating confidence, proud of who I am, my abilities and lack of abilities.
I follow my dreams but I stay level headed and grounded.
The most important things to me are the people I love.

A Writing Breakdown, well Breakthrough in a sort of way

And maybe I feel blocked blogging because I don’t feel I can really put what I feel out there. I struggle with privacy issues. How much should I tell others about my life through this medium. I want to write some sort of book someday but I just never grasped a topic. Well, I do have a children’s book idea brewing. I guess I have no self-confidence about my writing and that leaves me emotionally paralyzed. Well, this is a breakthrough. I mean I have lost freelance work not because I was able to do the job or not but because I lacked the confidence and the self-discipline to get it done. Writing is hard. Writing is work. Writing is hard work. I have got to get out more and find stories, the story, my story to tell. Maybe, it means helping other people tell theirs though a class or individual work. Or writing about Unravelling coursefor publication somewhere.