A Writing Breakdown, well Breakthrough in a sort of way

And maybe I feel blocked blogging because I don’t feel I can really put what I feel out there. I struggle with privacy issues. How much should I tell others about my life through this medium. I want to write some sort of book someday but I just never grasped a topic. Well, I do have a children’s book idea brewing. I guess I have no self-confidence about my writing and that leaves me emotionally paralyzed. Well, this is a breakthrough. I mean I have lost freelance work not because I was able to do the job or not but because I lacked the confidence and the self-discipline to get it done. Writing is hard. Writing is work. Writing is hard work. I have got to get out more and find stories, the story, my story to tell. Maybe, it means helping other people tell theirs though a class or individual work. Or writing about Unravelling coursefor publication somewhere.


About iAlexis
Alexis is a freelance writer published in New England, Chicago, and online publications.

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