Giving this Blog Direction

Okay, I will take some pics for August Break. But I feel I need to write more and figure out what direction this is going to go in or is it going to be free flow. I am taking the Blogging Your Way e-course in September by Holly at decor8. Yes, I know I am over-extended with Sept. being one month before the wedding. But I need some more direction to start this creative career right. I need to network a bit more with other bloggers and see what people are doing, develop a blogroll with established bloggers etc…In my offline world, I would like to develop a career as a lifemapper–someone who helps others one-on-one develop memoirs or chart a path to living more creatively. I charge an hourly fee and as soon as my web skills get polished I want to start a web site for this side business. If anyone of you have ideas on what direction I might explore going in after reading this blog, please do tell in your comments.


About iAlexis
Alexis is a freelance writer published in New England, Chicago, and online publications.

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